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Nos encontramos en la temporada idónea en la que muchos aprovechan, no sólo comprar regalos, sino también hacer su listica de las diez mejores películas del año.

Para los colegas del prestigioso medio The Hollywood Reporter las producciones Inception y Carlos son las mejores del 2010. Sin embargo, cada quien hizo su top ten y aquí lo tienen:

Kirk Honeycutt
1. Inception
Christopher Nolan, already one of our most innovative filmmakers, outdoes himself with this mind-twisting sci-fi thriller.
2. The Social Network
A fascinating character study that also highlights the best and worst aspects of a technology-driven life.
3. The King’s Speech
Splendid acting brings to vivid life an intimate account of how a British king triumphed over a speech impediment.
Danny Boyle’s highly emotional, spiritually infused account of one man’s gripping ordeal is utterly transfixing.
5. True Grit
The Coen brothers find true wit, adventure and insight in Charles Portis’ twice-filmed Western novel.
6. Carlos
This mesmerizing portrait of a true-life celebrity terrorist from Olivier Assayas bristles with tension, drama and stunning insight.
Jacques Audiard’s prison drama and a gangster film that brilliantly surveys the corrupting, corroding path to power.
One of the more amusing and startling comedies about marriage and a midlife crisis in a long while.
9. Winter’s Bone
Stark drama with an indomitable young female protagonist intensely explores poverty, drug culture and evil in rural America.
10. The Way Back
Few films can match Peter Weir’s epic escape movie for sheer adventure, danger and, ultimately, the triumph of the human spirit.
Todd McCarthy
1. Carlos
An amazing epic that brings a shadowy terrorist career to life with a vivid credibility that scarcely seemed possible.
2. The Social Network
Dazzling on every level, its success at zeitgeist-capture marks it for a time capsule.
A nimble, intoxicating, borderline-hallucinatory work from Alain Resnais, a very old director with a very young spirit.
4. A Prophet
Prison as the best crime university has never been more powerfully or disturbingly revealed.
5. Sweetgrass
An exceptionally beautiful documentary that casts one of the world’s oldest professions, animal herding, in a startlingly modern light.
6. Inside Job
A devastatingly precise and articulate breakdown of the hows and whys of the financial crisis.
Pixar does it again, but even better.
8. Animal Kingdom
The gangster film is alive and very well in Melbourne.
9. The Kids Are All Right
A tricky chemistry experiment in which everything goes miraculously right.
10. Unstoppable
It drives fast and hard and never goes off the tracks.
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